Guiding Angels




Hostess goes FREE with 5 or more Friends paying £15 each for the CT postal area £20 for outside the CT area. Choose between a Mediumship (contact passed relatives) Clairvoyant (future predictions) Palmist, Runes or other. We are able to cater for larger events also at a set price per Medium or Clairvoyant etc.... Corporate Events welcomed..... To book your party either daytime or evening contact us on: For Ali call me on: 07925 214754


FACE TO FACE READINGS WITH ALI GENERAL £25 (1 hour) approx INDEPTH £30 (75 mins) approx You will get.... An overview of what is happening in your life now and then a step by step - beginning, middle and end of each month prediction for 6 months. If you require the more indepth reading then you will get more details within your beginning, middle & end of each month prediction. So there will be more predictions. She also adds an emotional reading within the reading and law of attraction techniques should you need it. TELEPHONE READINGS £15 (20 mins) approx £25 (45 mins) approx £30 (75 mins) approx Text Ali on 07925 214754 to arrange a reading. (please note these are not usually instant readings) EMAIL READINGS £10.00 1 month future) £15.00 3 month future) £25.00 6 month future) £30.00 6 month indepth future) PSYCHIC COUNSELLING - Call - 07925 214754 £15 (20 mins) approx - telephone £10 (20 mins) £25 (45 mins) approx - telephone £20 (45 mins) £35 (90 mins) approx - telephone £30 (90 mins) Text Ali on 07925 214754 to arrange a meeting or telephone consultation. (please note these are not usually instant readings) What you will get in these sessions. Sometimes in life we need someone who may have psychic insight into our deepest issues and emotions - Ali is an Empath so she feels what you feel and also sometimes how and what other people involved in your situation feels. She can use her psychic vision to see how things can unfold and how to avoid any barriers towards your desired outcome so you can avoid or deal with the issues before they become unsolveable.

Please be aware ....
I am very busy with Email Readings so allow
up to 3 weeks but maybe sooner .....

How it works:
1. Once I receive your payment I will contact
you within 48 hours.
2. I will ask you to send me your photo as I use
this to focus on whilst doing your reading.
3. I will work on your reading as soon as I can
and once completed I will either email it or
whatsapp it over to you depending on
your preference.
4. Your reading will be recorded for you
to open on your phone or on your computer.